Bookings Policy

Bookings Policy

We want to assure you that every effort will be taken to make your pets visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Due to the unpredictable behaviour of animals, situations arise that are unexpected.
Medical Condition: Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. This can occur during or after grooming

Senior Pet:  Senior pets (8 years plus) may have a greater chance of injury.
Matted Pet:  If your pet is severely tangled and/or matted, it is a greater risk of injury, stress and trauma. All precautions will be taken. However, problems occasionally arise, during or after grooming, such as nicks, clipper irritation, and mental or physical stress.

Behaviour Issues – Dogs may display behaviour issues due to mishandling or negative experiences with previous groomers. We will know so please note our pricing is based on dogs without issues. Dogs with trauma or behavioural issues require extra time therefore incurring a price.

As EcoSpa prides itself on customer care and you will be required to pick your dog up promptly after being notified. If by any chance you are unable to get your dog for any reason, there will be a fee of $30 which applies after 30 minutes of being notified of your pet being ready.

1. Due to the nature of pet grooming all quoted prices prior to grooming are only estimates. Final price will depend on the temperament of each pet and the condition of its coat. Upon physical inspection of your pet by the groomer a good faith estimated price will be provided. Extra charges may apply for pets that are matted and/or difficult to manage.

2. In order to reserve your pet’s grooming appointment, you will need to pay for services in advance. Payment can be made in the store or over the phone.

3. There will be a $50 fee that you will incur if you fail to attend this appointment. We accept cancellations 48 hours prior to appointment time, if 48 hours’ notice is not given there may be a $30 fee if we are unable to fill your appointment time.

1.  If your pet has a history of aggression, biting or excessive barking EcoSpa reserves the right to refuse service.
2.  You will waive and relinquish any and all claims against EcoSpa, its employees and representatives, except for those arising from negligence on the part of EcoSpa.
3.  You must disclose to EcoSpa all known dangers and medical conditions associated with your pet.
4.  If any medical problems arise while your pet is in the care of EcoSpa, you authorise EcoSpa to do whatever is necessary for the safety, health and wellbeing of your pet. EcoSpa will make every reasonable attempt to contact you. Further you will assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred.
5.  You assure EcoSpa that your pet has not been exposed to any infectious illness within the last (30) thirty days. You also assure EcoSpa that your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations.

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